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    LED Digital Signages

    LED Digital Signages

    We provide LED Signage solutions for Indoor and Outdoor applications. We set high standards while making LED Signages. These LED sign boards are custom made to suit your budget & taste.

    We also create modern and powerful signage and building animation for your business.

    Types of LED signages:

    • Single/Multi colour – Indoor & Outdoor Sign Boards
    • EMERGENCY/EXIT Acrylic Sign
    • Acrylic/Stainless Steel/ACP Sign
    • Church /Hospital /Temple Sign
    • In-Shop Branding
    • Directional Signs
    • Pylons

    LED sign applications

    • Corporate
    • Churches/Temples
    • Commercial Establishments
    • Hotels & Hospitals
    • Retail Establishments

    Building Decoration using Digital LED Tubes

    Product features:

    • High quality SMD 5050 LED Chips
    • Aluminium alloy base with Poly Carbonate diffuser
    • Working Voltage: : 12V DC
    • Dimension: 1000*50*50mm
    • Life Span: 50,000 hours
    • Viewing angle: over 120 Degree
    • Easy installation & connections
    • Consume less power when compared to florescent tube light
    • Wonderful multi-Colour changing effects such as running, chasing, fading, skipping, transition, patterns, scanning etc.,
    • Waterproof; IP65 protection


    • Can be used for Commercial building, Jewellery shops, Textile Showroom, Hotels, Supermarket, shopping malls etc.
    • Can also be widely used in building outline, stage lighting, decorative landscape and places of entertainment!
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