KEW 6016 Multi Function Meter


  • Advanced Anti-Trip Technology(ATT) to avoid RCDs to trip during loop testing.
  • Insulation resistance Range:250/500/1000V & 20/200/2000MΩ (Auto-ranging)
  • Loop impedance Function L-PE,L-PE (ATT), L-N / L-L 10 to 500V & 20/200/2000Ω(Auto-Ranging)
  • PSC (L-N/L-L) / PFC (L-PE)Function PSC, PFC, PFC (ATT) PSC: 100~500V 50/60Hz ,PFC,PFC (ATT):100~260V 50/60Hz 2000A/20kA(Auto-Ranging)
  • RCD Function X1/2, X1, X5, Ramp, Auto,Uc 10/30/100/300/500/1000mA , Trip Current Duration-200ms , Rated voltage-230V.
  • Earth Resistance:20/200/2000Ω (Auto-Ranging)
  • Phase Rotation:Rated voltage: 50-500V 50/60Hz
  • Voltage:measuring range:25~500V
  • Frequency: 45 to 65Hz

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