Kyoritsu 2433R Leakage Clamp Tester


  • True RMS Measurement.
  • Frequency Selector Switch to eliminate the effect of harmonics.
  • Three AC current ranges:40mA/400mA/400A.
  • AC A (50/60Hz): 40/400mA/400A
  • AC A (WIDE): 40/400mA/400A
  • Maximum circuit voltage: 600V AC/DC (between line/neutral), 300V AC/DC (against earth)
  • Conductor size: Ø40mm max.
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 1kHz[40Hz-1kHz:400A]
  • Effect of External Stray Magnetic Field: 10mA AC approx. in proximity to a 15mm-dia conductor carrying 100A AC.
  • Response Time: Approx. 2 seconds

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